Lamborghini Gallardo SE

Lamborghini Gallardo SEIn late 2005, the Lamborghini Gallardo SE (for Special Edition) was introduced. The Lamborghini Gallardo SE is distinguished from the regular Gallardo externally by having a black-roofed two-tone color scheme as well as specially designed “Callisto” rims shod with Pirelli tires. Mechanically, the SE addresses many of the criticisms of the original Gallardo; the steering is quicker and more responsive, the transmission gear ratios have been adjusted to better suit the V10, and the E-gear now has a “thrust mode” to optimize acceleration, and the car’s power has been increased to 520 hp (388 kW). The Lamborghini Gallardo SE has a higher top speed of 315 km/h or 196 MPH (just 4 mph off the holy grail of 200 MPH), and it accelerates to 100 km/h in 3.8 seconds. Only 250 units of the Gallardo SE were built. All the mechanical upgrades of the SE, however, will be included in all 2006+ Gallardos (excluding the two-tone bodywork). The Gallardo SE comes with a two-tone interior. All piping and stitching on the ultra-quality leather are executed in the same color as the bodywork of the car. The mid sections of the seats are finished in color-coded upholstery and even the black floormats have a color coded borders. A rear-view camera is also standard issue on the Lamborghini Gallardo SE, as is a multimedia system and a navigation system. The sport suspension and an exclusive cover also came with the car but there are still several other options available, like the E-gear, which featured a ‘thrust’ mode to offer even more impressive acceleration by improving the gear change through the different gears. This thrust mode actually automatically revs the car to 5,000 rpm, drops the clutch engaging all four wheels in a controlled burnout, and ensures the car performs maximum acceleration. This launch only requires the driver to engage the thrust mode and step on the gas pedal, similar to the launch technology in Formula 1 race cars.


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